With 12 years of Experience and Success as a Generalist

Who am I?

Someone with Global Experience


Where I learned that Mongolian BBQ is NOT what one finds in the US


Where I learned Squid is way too chewy  


Where the are Elephant Crossing Signs  


A place that inspired me to take up rugby at 32 against my Wife's Better Advice


Having to explain where I got an Eastern Germany Transit visa to my younger colleagues  

Republic of Georgia

Where the "newer" churches are still older than your country


Where there is a Chili's at the base of the Kuwait Towers


Where Bud Light is an Import

Someone Always Looking for the Next Adventure or Challenge

Taking Up Motorcycle Track Riding 

First Duathlon

Hiking San Jacinto Peak

Learning Chinese

How Did I Became a Generalist?

Via 12 years of Managing ALL Types of Projects, Programs, and Portfolios 

Project Manager  

Fostered $1M in savings by guiding modernization of the 7th largest dialysis provider's laboratory system


"He has consistently impressed me in his ability to absorb clinical information and processes without having a healthcare background. Glen is an individual who can change and adapt his methodologies to meet the unique requirements of any organization." -

Connie Andersen, RN 

Vice President Clinical Operations


Northwest Kidney Centers was founded in 1962, as the world's first dialysis organization.  It provides over 250,000 dialysis treatments each year to 1,700 patients,  in one of its 15 centers or at home with its support.  Additionally, it provides over 13,000 dialysis treatments to patients across 9 hospitals in King County each year.

Portfolio Manager

Responsible for utilizing Waterfall and Agile management methods to guide a $1.17B multinational portfolio.

"{He} managed a mulitbillion that directly enabled Iraqi security forces to be more effective in the fight against the Islamic State...He reconciled executive orders, confessional legislation and Department of Defense policy to ensure alignment...with national strategic objectives" -

Robert G. Armsfield, BG

Vice Director, Strategy, Plans and Policy

Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve continues to work by, with and through 70 global an regional partners to defeat the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, enable a whole-of-coalition governmental approach to increasing regional stability.


Senior Change Management Consultant

Responsible for 7 programs (consisting of over 25 projects) assisting multinational clients in developing advantages though improved processes or enhanced personnel skills. 

Expeditionary Warfare Training Group, Pacific assists US and NATO clients in developing competitive advantages through change management consulting and/or producing individuals possessing enhanced capabilities allowing organizational adaptation to ever evolving business environments.  


Senior Change Management Consultant

Coached 36 Senior Executives in translating 100's of gaps, into cascading change strategies enabling their organizations to evolve and subsequently outperform competitors within 1 to 6 months. 

Tactical Training Exercise Control Group provide process improvement/change management consulting to senior executives of cross-functional organizations; enhancing their organization's efficiency, productivity, and compliance to regulations.


Senior Change Management Leader

Facilitated 12 change consultants assist 26 foreign directors apply business analysis and project methodology enabling sustained change across 2500 employees within 2-months. 


Project Manager

Responsible to the Director, aviation operations, for life-cycle management of all logistical or supply-chain projects. 


Marine Light Attach Helicopter Squadron 369  supports Marine commanders by providing offensive air support, utility support, armed escort and airborne supporting arms coordination, day or night under all weather conditions during expeditionary, joint or combined operations.

How I Have Helped Clients Achieve Competitive Advantages

Helping Clients Understand the True Problem

The client’s – a non-profit medical provider - asset and management policies and procedures had fragmented into over

  1. 22 haphazard policies sprinkled across 8 departments,

  2. 6 separately maintained inventories

  3. And the new Material Manager and CFO publicly admitting they cannot verify with a high degree of confidence what assets they owned


Several Key Stakeholders not familiar with the “current state,” focused on technical/software solutions assuming they would provide the information needed to effectively manage their assets and property life cycles.


I felt the first objective was to help Key Stakeholders understand the “current state” and how another asset and property management database would address the underlying problems.

Working with Key Stakeholders individually and in small cross functional working groups, the project team developed the below document that not only captured the TRUE “current state” but also defined what the Stakeholders desired the FUTURE “end state” to be.


This picture of the current and future states enables to project team to identify and implement a holistic solution ranging from the establishment of standardized enterprise wide policies and the establishment of the first master inventory to finding a software application that would actually assist in establishing and maintaining a common operating picture of the client’s assets across multiple departments.

Helping to Improve Client Communication 

The client's primary form of communicating projects status to C-Suite Executive Sponsors had been via a MS Word document. Project Managers would capture what they had completed last week, what they intended to complete next week, and any issues.


I felt that the current format did not provide two pieces of information:

  1. It did not provide context to the project activities or issues occurring, and more importantly

  2. It did not convey project progress toward generating the value it was intended for


Using the Prosci Scorecard as a starting point, I adapt their Scorecard into a color-coded tool that:

  1. Quickly conveyed the status of a project in generating value to C-Suite Executive Sponsor, while

  2. Providing sufficient amplifying information expounding upon a category’s rating – if the sponsor wanted to dig a little deeper.


For example - adapting Prosci’s idea - I utilized the “Define Column” as a means to convey the Project Team’s (PT) progress in identifying the problem and potential solutions.  


In this example – with a quick glance the Executive Sponsor can see that defining the benefits of the project and project requisites is behind target. If they were unfamiliar they could quickly glance to the remarks column to gather additional information.

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